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Our commitment and value to our clients is to educate and empower each of them towards new and alternative energy solutions. We help our clients save money by investing in state-of-the-art clean energy technology for the home and business. It is our goal to give each of our clients peace of mind that you have chosen a company that has the experience and knowledge to implement the right solution, the first time, in a safe working environment.


Every home and every business is different. There are times when Solar systems make sense, and times when they do not.


Novos Energy offers a variety of photo voltaic solar system options so that every home can afford to go solar.


Whether your company is looking to go solar, or you’re a project developer looking for an “easy to work with” construction partner.


What Our Solar Friends Are Saying

You don’t even need a roof to adopt clean energy today, and the paybacks are higher than ever – both for the environment and financially.

Paul Spencer

When there's a huge solar energy spill, it's just called a 'nice day'.

Vote Solar

Aaron and team put solar panels on my house. And it's been a great experience overall. Super professional. It's so hard to find decent roofers and solar panel companies in Dallas.

Scott N.

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