Detach & Reset


When you need to make a move, take your solar panels with you. At NOVOS Energy, our professional installers have the expertise and certifications needed to perform a wide range of solar panel removal & reset repair services, including trouble shooting any problems with your solar panels. If you are buying a new home or business or need to adjust your solar panels due to excessive damage from a hailstorm or cosmetic reconstruction, trust our experts to provide the most efficient solar system repair you need. 

Included in our services: 
  • Utility grid, electrical, meters, micro-inverter disconnection

  • Removal and re-installation of mounting hardware and solar panel

  • Removal of electrical wires and cables

  • Will obtain or provide all permits, certifications, and licensing needed to meet specific HOA and utility reconnection requirements

  • Coordination between insurance companies, roofing professionals, contractors, engineers, and architects for reinstallation

  • Once roof repair or replacement is complete, solar panel reinstallation, re-setting, and re-roofing services are provided (please expect a two to three-week turnaround)

  • Complete systems diagnostic test to ensure everything is working and up to code after re-installation

  • Ten-year warranty of the re-installations workmanship including any associated leaks or damages caused by improper installation 


As a provider of premier solar power systems,, NOVOS Energy has taken the time to find out what solar panel services their customers need and want, making them experts in the field. Our in-house team is composed of professional installers and veteran technicians that possess over a decade of experience as Master Electricians, ensuring you are always in good hands. We have the skill set to design custom solar power systems or replacement panels for any home or business. NOVOS Energy not only specialize in new installation, our team is also proficient in grid-tied battery storage and EV Charging station installation. We also provide solar panel removal & reset repair services, re-roofing contractors, TX solar system repair, and solar energy panel maintenance among other things. Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of services.